Ad-din Nursing Units including FNI offer 4-year-long Basic BSc in Nursing Science and 2-year-long Post-basic BSc in Nursing Science courses. To enroll in these courses, the candidates must fulfill the following prerequisites:


Primary requisites (Basic)
• The candidate must be female, unmarried, and a permanent citizen of Bangladesh.
• The candidate must possess good health both physically and mentally.
• The candidate must be at least 4 feet and 11 inches in height.


Educational Qualifications (Basic)
• Candidate must be SSC and HSC graduate with a background in science.
• Candidate must have at least the minimum required marks in the admission test held by Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery Council in order to apply.


Educational Qualifications (Post-basic)
• Candidate must have a Diploma in Nursing Science degree from any government-approved nursing institute.
• Candidate must have at least the minimum required marks in the admission test held by Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery Council in order to apply.


How to apply
Form collection
• Interested candidates can collect the admission form from Fatema Nursing Institute on the specific days mentioned in the circular (published in national and local newspapers) during office hours (8 am to 1 pm and 3 pm to 5 pm).
• The form and prospectus must be collected upon payment of the required fee (non-refundable).
• Candidates can also apply online.


Form submission and necessary attachments
Candidates must fill out the form themselves and submit it to collect the admit card during office time at FNI within the deadline mentioned in the circular. Oral exams cannot be attended without the admit card.

The following documents must be attached to the form before submission:
1. The payment receipt of the admission form
2. Photocopy of the mark sheet from the admission test of Nursing and Midwifery Council
3. Attested photocopies of mark sheet, main certificate/provisional certificate, and testimonial of SSC and HSC or equivalent exams
4. Three copies of updated passport-sized photographs of the candidate
5. Attested photocopy of Citizenship Certificate with a permanent address, given by the local Union Council Chairman or City Council Mayor or Ward Councilor


Selection process
Candidates will be selected based on attaining the minimum passing grade declared by the government on the admission test from DGNM and BNMC, oral examination, and health examination.

Marks division for oral examination:

Exam Subject Marks
Health exam 10
Height 10
Oral Economic status 5
Spoken 10
SSC, HSC, and Admission test result 15
Total marks 50


Oral Exam: The candidate will be informed about the date, time, and venue for the oral exam while receiving the Admit Card. During the oral exam, the candidate must show the Admit Card, main certificates, and mark sheets of SSC and HSC or equivalent exams.

Health Exam: Eligible candidates must go through a health exam by Ad-din Hospital doctors before final selection. Note that, any candidate with serious health issues will be eliminated from the selection process. The health exam expenses will be paid by the candidate.

Final result publication: The candidate may not be selected for the specific institute where she applied. Only the authority can pick which institute the candidate will be selected for and the verdict will be published with the final result.


Course fees and relevant information

Description Basic (4 years) Post-basic (2 years) Diploma in Nursing Science and Midwifery (3 years)
Admission fee (payable once during admission) 55,000 60,000 70,000
Session fee (yearly) 6,000 * 4 = 24,000 50,000 * 2 = 1,00,000 12,000 * 3 = 36,000
Monthly tuition fee and other expenses 5,000 * 48 = 2,40,000 6000 * 24 = 1,44,000 45,000 * 36 = 1,62,000
Accommodation and food 3,000 * 48 = 1,44,000 To be paid by the student 3000 * 36 = 1,08,000
Internal exam fees 500 * 4 = 2000 500 * 2 = 1000 500 *3 = 1500
Registration, Board exam, Uniform To be paid by the student To be paid by the student To be paid by the student
Field Practice To be paid by the student To be paid by the student n/a
Total payable amount 4,65,000 3,05,000 3,77,500


• If the government imposes any type of fees other than the ones mentioned above, the student will be responsible for paying the cost.
• If a student wants to cancel the studentship within a month of admission, the admission fee will not be refunded. In case of cancellation of studentship after a month, the course fee must be paid before leaving.
• For students covered by the poor and merit quota, only a one-time admission fee of 30,000 takas should be paid.
• Development Quota: 10 seats in Dhaka will be open for students paying 60,000 takes on top of their regular fees.
• Rules for paying course fees:
₋ Fees must be paid within the designated timeline for admission. Monthly tuition fees must be paid within the first 10 days of the month, and yearly session fees must be paid within the months of January to March.
₋ If the training timeline is prolonged due to reasons on the student’s part, the student will be responsible for paying an additional 20,000 taka (every 6 months)
₋ Field practice entails a fee of 1,000 takas per subject.
₋ Certificate verification requires a fee of 1,000 takas in cash.
₋ Internal yearly exam fees and registration fees must be paid according to BNMC’s scheduled timeline.
₋ A yearly fee of 1,000 takas must be paid for physical exercise.
₋ If a student wants to leave before the completion of her studies, she must do so after paying the full amount of course expenses.


Total Seats

Quotas Basic Post-Basic Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery
Regular 42 25 37
Poor and Merit 3 2 3
Development 5 3 10
Total 50 30 40


Poor and Merit Quota Conditions

Required conditions Preferred conditions
Must be a resident of the village The student with the deceased father
Compiled GPA for SSC and HSC examinations must be at least 8 Labor-dependent family background
Daughters of widowed or single mothers
Daughter of Ad-din employee with a salary of less than 15,000 taka
The daughter of Ad-din trained TBA
Meritorious daughter of the poor beneficiary of Ad-din

• Main certificate must be submitted to the institute during the admission process and it will remain with the institute until the completion of the one-year mandatory internship.
• Three stamps costing 100 takas each must be submitted during the admission process for commitment documents.
• Attested copies of guardians’ (biological father, mother, sister, or brother) photographs by the Nursing Unit Principal must be submitted during the enrollment process and guardians must be present for verification.