General Rules

• If any inconsistency is proved in the certificate or mark sheet, the studentship will be canceled immediately.
• One-year internship is mandatory after completion of the training course.
• After admission, students must pledge to abide by the rules and regulations of the Nursing Institute alongside the rules and regulations of Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery Council.
• Students cannot be associated with any other educational institution during their training.
• No student can be continuously absent from the hostel or class for more than 7 days without permission.
• No student can abstain from hospital ward duty without permission.
• If a student treats someone rudely and that proves to be detrimental to the institution, the student may be terminated.
• If a student fails to succeed in the final exam of the 1st year, she will have to remain in the 1st year and will be able to sit for the exam with the next 1st year’s students.
• All payments including course fees, session charges, tuition fees, etc. are non-refundable.
• Authority will not take responsibility for the students’ residential accommodation and transport, however, available seats in the hostel will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.
• For the safety and security of the institution and the students and above all, in order to maintain a peaceful learning environment, students are allowed to meet their parents and siblings with the permission of the authority during a certain allotted time.
• Observing of National and international days and cultural programs celebrations will be held at the college campus with the permission of the authority.
• Those who are found involved in anti-social activities or violation of discipline are liable to be punished and may even face expulsion from the institute.

Dress Code

• Dress codes are standard practice in many professions. In nursing, however, how nurses dress can influence patient care and satisfaction. Since insurance reimbursements now rely heavily on quality-of-care metrics, dress codes matter more than ever.
• Students are required to follow the dress code specified by the institute authority. It is compulsory to wear the dress prescribed by Nursing Institute during the theoretical, practical, and other classes and hospital duties according to the year.

ID Card

• All students must carry the identity card issued by the institution with them at all times.
• No student shall be allowed to enter the class without an identity card.

Rules for Library

• Use library card signed by the principal to enter the library.
• No books or other library materials shall be taken out of the library without following the library protocols.
• Borrowed books must be returned within due time.
• Strict silence, decorum, and discipline must be maintained in the library. The use of mobile phones is prohibited.
• Eating, sleeping, and talking loudly are strictly forbidden in the library.
• Readers should not mark, underline, write, tear pages, or otherwise damage the library documents.
• Newspapers, magazines, and journals must be read only in the library on specific tables and should not be taken to any other reading areas.
• No library materials can be taken out of the library without permission. Unauthorized removal of anything belonging to the library will be treated as theft and dealt with accordingly.
• Anyone who violates the rules and regulations of the library would be liable to lose the privilege of library membership and may be barred from using the library facilities.

Rules for Hostel

• No students are allowed to leave the hostel without the permission of the hostel authority. For the safety of the students, they are not permitted to go outside the hall after 6:00 pm.
• It is prohibited to roam around the campus after the allotted time.
• In case of any serious illness, the hostel authority or the principal should be informed through the housekeeper immediately.
• To keep the environment of the campus clean and beautiful and for the sake of health and hygiene, every room should be properly neat and clean. Each resident student is responsible for the cleaning and upkeep of the room allotted to her.
• No visitors including father, brother, sister, and friend are allowed to enter or stay at the hostel at night. Under special circumstances, the student’s mother may enter the hostel with permission from the housekeeper, but staying for the night will not be allowed.
• Meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) should be taken on schedule at the dining hall.
• Any sort of cooking is strongly prohibited inside the room or in any place in the hall. Electric stoves and room heaters are not allowed to be used.
• Hostel authorities cannot be held accountable for the loss of money, jewelry, or personal belongings of any student. Students are advised not to keep any cash/ jewelry or any valuable items in the room.
• Personal TV, fridge, and pets are strictly prohibited at the hostel.
• It is the duty of the students to keep their room, toilet, and bathroom neat and clean and to dispose of sanitary napkins, cotton, etc. in the dustbin.
• Discarding paper, wastage, shampoo, chocolate, and chips packet through the window is a punishable offense. Waste should be disposed into the dustbin.
• Engaging in any sort of activities like watching TV, talking, and singing out loud that disturbs others is strongly discouraged.
• Without the permission of the authority or housekeeper, students are not allowed to move/ interchange the furniture/ fixtures in their rooms to outside or another room.
• To spend the night outside of the hostel is absolutely prohibited. If someone is found guilty of doing so, her seat will be canceled without any notice.
• All the rules stated above may be altered, and new rules may be added according to the necessity of the institution.