Fatema Nursing Institute has one of the most advanced and modernized laboratory facilities in Bangladesh. The students have the advantage to acquire their knowledge through practical simulations overseen by qualified teachers, which makes them better prepared to handle dire situations with patience and experience.
FNI has a total of 15 laboratories, among which 3 are completely new. Thanks to recent renovations, the laboratories are equipped with the latest technologies and proper apparatuses.

Below is the list of laboratories currently operative at the institute:
• Anatomy
• Biochemistry
• Nutrition
• Microbiology
• Community Medicine
• Pharmacology
• Pathology
• Midwifery
• Obstetrics
• Serology & Immunology
• Histopathology & Cytology
• Surgery
• Orthopedics
• Nursing Education & Management
• Computer Lab.

Anatomy Lab

The anatomy lab of Fatema Nursing College has excellent infrastructure forming the basis of deeper understanding of Human Body. It is prepared to aid in better understanding of the various structures and functioning of organs and systems of the Human Body. Understanding of students about Human Anatomy & Physiology is done with the help of articulated skeletons, torso, various bones, models of different organs & charts. It also is equipped with different preserved specimens

Microbiology Lab

Fatema Nursing College has Microbiology lab is a laboratory that is connected to the basic science department of our college. It specializes in the training of students in the skills of laboratory analyzes of microorganisms related to human health as well as parasites that affect the human to recognize the importance of the importance of prevention and hygiene and methods of sterilization in various health institutions as well as achieving other objectives of microbiology and importance to nursing students

Midwifery Lab

Midwifery Lab purpose of the clinical skills lab is to facilitate students’ clinical learning in nursing and midwifery. It provides a safe and realistic environment for students to practice, experiment, make mistakes, and learn. It facilitates the opportunity for students to recognize gaps in their knowledge and experience and to identify their own learning needs

Nutrition Lab

Fatema Nursing College aims to acquire knowledge of nutrition for maintenance of optimum health at different stages of life and its application for practice of nutrition. Describe the relationship between nutrition and health; to describe the classification, functions, sources and recommended daily allowance of Carbohydrates; to describe the sources, Functions, and requirements of water and electrolytes; to describe various national programmes related to nutrition. Well ventilated and well-furnished nutrition Lab. We have facilities in nutrition Lab. Like glassware articles, refrigerator, Mixture, Dinner Set, Dining Table with Chair, Table met, stove, weighting machine

Computer Lab

The college has a computing center providing computing and data communication facilities, advice, and support for all academic activities. Some of the computers are linked to each other for quick communication. The center provides documents on various topics for students on request. Lab is a well-equipped workspace that students computer workplaces, microelectronics, internet, computer systems, nanotechnology and a private training Lab as well as a wide range of cutting-edge software programs. All students are welcome to use any available facilities to study. The Computer Labs provide innovative technologies and services that attract, inspire and support current and future students as they pursue their academic and personal goals. Additionally, the labs offer a wide range of services and resources that support innovation, creative cross-discipline endeavors and academic development